Saturday, March 21, 2020

Life in the Time of Coronavirus....Who Took All The Toilet Paper?

One interesting thing about this whole situation is seeing weird ways people react...

In the days preceding the lockdown, certain items became harder and harder to find. The first things to go were hand sanitizer, alcohol, and glycerin. All sorts of recipes started popping up on the internet on how to make your own hand sanitizer, in case stores ran out, which they did. At few days before lockdown, there wasn't a pharmacy or a supermarket that had any left. There were plenty of condoms left, though. And this happened all over town, and from what I've heard, all over the country. What? A quarantine without sex? What were people thinking? You're home all day long...and there's only so much Netflix you can watch.

I'm predicting a baby boom in about nine months.

Empty shelf: Alcohol and hand sanitizer. Plenty of condoms, though

The day before the lockdown, all the toilet paper was gone. In the previous days, I had seen people with carts filled with the stuff. Some other items were scarce too, like chicken and ginger tea...but mostly toilet paper. Maybe people were shitting themselves in fear? Seriously, how much toilet paper can one family need in two weeks? Some people must have enough toilet paper to last for years, decades even. I can just imagine some people twenty years from now..."Remember that virus pandemic from 2020? Yeah, well we still have some of the toilet paper that my dad stocked up on just in case."

Yesterday was the first day I went out since the lockdown began. We had run out of fruit, vegetables and some other things, so I went to the nearest supermarket. It's funny how priorities have changed after a few days of being locked up.  Before the lockdown, toilet paper shelves were empty, but you could find most other things without too much trouble. Six days in, there's plenty of toilet paper, but hardly any wine, beer or snacks left. I guess people finally figured out that it's not toilet paper that's going to keep them sane through this ordeal.

I'm predicting a huge rise in obesity and alcoholism by the time this quarantine is over.

Only the more expensive wine is left

Beer aisle is looking pitiful

OMG! No Snacks!


  1. Here in California there are plenty of snacks on the shelves, but still no toilet paper. Or bottled water. I can almost understand the TP situation (maybe they are afraid they won’t be able to leave the house) but why the water?