Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Photo Contest #30 Winner

Happy Valentine's day to you all!

I didn't get the post with the photo contest winner up until today, because the winner doesn't have a blog, so I was waiting to hear where she wanted me to link to.  This week's winner is Annika Stephenson.  Congratulations, Annika!  She's asked me to link to the Think Geek sales page...there's some good stuff there, so check it out.

Her guess that the mystery object was a wine bottle was the closest. It was in fact a miniature cava (Spanish version of champagne) bottle that I had at New Year's. Since The Professor doesn't like champagne, and I do, I always end up buying these mini bottles when there's something to celebrate. I was playing around, taking photos of stuff, and I thought this would make a good contest item.

And here it is:

So, cheers to you all, especially to Annika, for being such a good guesser!  I'll be getting my special linky-love post up very soon, so if you've participated in any of the last ten contests, come look for your name...and if you haven't, go visit all the great blogs on the list, they are all definitely worth a look.

And here's a little something to wish you all a Happy Valentine's Day.  Hope you enjoy it!