Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Help! There are Penguins in my Dryer!

And you thought the only strange thing in my dryer was the sock monster.  Now we have penguins.  Emperor penguins, to be exact.

At least that's what it sounds like.

If you're not sure what emperor penguins sound like, have a listen here.  Yes, that's right, our dryer has been making a strange noise since before Christmas that sounds suspiciously like there's a bunch of emperor penguins hiding inside it.  And much as I love penguins, I don't want them pooping all over my nice clean clothes.

So, we called Mr. Dryer-Fixit Man.

He came over armed with a new fan.  I think I should have been suspicious, because it's pretty surprising that he knew what was wrong without asking first.  Maybe he has some sort of telepathic connection with dryers and they tell him just what he should bring.

Or it could be that he just decided that he was going to change my matter what.

So he gets here and asks, "Well, what's wrong with it?"  To which I felt like saying, "If I knew that, my husband would have fixed it by now and you wouldn't be here, now would you?"  But I didn't and I kept it at, "Well, it's making a funny noise."  I considered telling him that it sounded like penguins, but then I thought the better of it.

So he says, "Oh, that's gotta be the fan."  (Of course it is.  That's the only replacement part you're carrying)  And he proceeds to open the thing up, rip out the old one, and pop in the new one.  He turns it on before putting the cover back on.  No penguins.  He replaces the cover.  Done.  That'll be 18.75 euros for the fan, 22 for coming over, and 21 for tax.  Hmm, let's see.  That's 73 euros for a little plastic fan and less than half an hour of work.

So, yesterday I put in a load of laundry, happy to be rid of the penguins.  I turn it on.  I hear....

....a penguin.

Okay, so at least now there's only one penguin, not a whole rookery.  Wonderful. 73 eurobucks, and I still have a penguin.  But at least a single penguin can't reproduce, right?

So, now I'm debating on whether or not to call Mr. Dryer-Fixit Man over here again.  The repair has a six month warranty, but I'm afraid that he's still going to charge me another 22 euros just to come out here.  And then he'll probably show up with another part...

I can just hear him now.  "Oh, if it wasn't the fan, then it must be the belt."  Bang.  Another easy 73 euros.

Somehow I think that if my husband had been home the first time, the penguins would all be gone by now.


  1. Ouch! But you should definitely call him back... Because he's only half-fixed the problem... and he can't charge you another call-out if he didn't get rid of all the penguins in the first place, or can he?? Good call, not actually mentioning the penguin bit, I suspect the call out fee would have been much higher!

  2. I loved the link to the penguins, isn't the internet a wonderful place sometimes? Penguins in the dryer is rather more alarming though, no?

  3. Silly penguins. You can't tumble dry a tuxedo!

  4. Funny post! did you first know what a penguin sounded like? Keep up the household humor...I love it!

  5. Very funny...I love humor. Great to connect. I love the household humor, too. I have a lot of that at my blog I just started. I used to write just for fun and at, just for fun and a blog...have music at mine...a pleasure to meet. Trace

  6. Oh, and I forgot to add...PIMP of my homemade acrnonyms I use. Here's my note on that...!/note.php?note_id=407851333403

  7. If that one penguin remaining in your dryer is female and has already mated, she could indeed multiply! Call dryer fitit dude back and tell him that he'd best fix it this time since you already paid for it.

  8. Right from the first the thought I had was that it was the belt since I had a similar flock taking refuge in our old dryer last year. It was actually only loose but I replaced the belt anyway and the penguins went back to Antarctica.

    What was my reward for such prompt and correct actions? My wife went out and bought a new washer/dryer set the first time a sell popped up.

  9. This reminds me so much of my Dishwasher saga! We had the man come something like 5 times before it was fixed. He kept replacing this and that, and hoping that would fix it! In the end it was just pure luck!

  10. I would think a dryer would be too warm for emperor penguins. The freezer, now ....

  11. mondraussie: Yeah, I may have to call him back, although I tried it again yesterday and it only made the noise at the beginning of the cycle. So, I'm going to try it a few more times before I call, because I'm not too sure that he won't charge me for coming out...this is Spain after all, and what seems logical to us doesn't always hold true here.

    Orneta: They sound so funny that I just had to share. I wanted to put the sound right onto the blog, but I couldn't figure out how to do it. Well, at least people can hear them on the link.

    Erik: Are you speaking from experience? ;)

    Kate: Thanks for stopping by! I know what sound they make because penguins were my favorite animal when I was in high school (my nickname was even Penguin), and I learned a lot about them. And now you know just how weird I was/am. :D

    Tracy: Glad to see you here! It's funny how a Facebook glitch could cause us to meet...but I'm glad we did.

    Quilly: I hadn't thought about wouldn't want to adopt a penguin chick, would you? ;) Yeah, guess I'll have to call the guy back and tell him to take every last penguin home with him. I wonder what his wife will say...

    Beach Bum: You want to come over and fix my dryer? It sounds as though you'd do a much better job than Mr. Dryer-Fixit Man. And don't be too hard on your wife...a brand new washer and dryer are hard to resist, especially if they are on sale! :D

    Ben: Yes, that's exactly what I'm afraid of. I suspect we'll spend as much money fixing the old dryer as it would cost to get a new one.

    Bud: I think the Heart of Gold might have passed through here, and the penguins are just a result of using the Impobability Drive.

  12. Es verdad, a todos estos aparatos hay que darles besitos de vez en cuando, no se vayan a deprimir y todavía tenemons que pagarles psiquiatra :D

  13. Hilarious! But you do need to call Mr. Fix-it out again; maybe you should suggest he bring along a penguin doc. That's prety much what our dryer sounded like when the belt went out. Only my Fred "KNEW" what was wrong and after tearing the whole danged machine apart and puting it back together, it made not only the penguns sound, but also one very similar to gunfire! We could have bought a new dryer for what that one cost in repairs.

    We have a weird noise emanating from the wall in the living room on which the tv and stereo are. We thought for years it was the tv, but have now replaced it with a new flatscreen, and we still get the same noise. You can only hear it when the house is very quite, like when I'm up in the middle of the night blogging. It's a strange whee=whee=wheek, and it happens sporadically, but up to every hour or so. And the other weird thing is that on the other side of that wall is the hall bathroom, where we (in the 14 years since we built the house) have been able to hear a steady drip, drip, drip. But there are no water stains, no visible leaks of any kind, and the sound appears to come from that shared wall.


  14. giozi: Sí, hay que mimarlos, si no se rebelan.

    ethelmae: Yeah, I'm afraid we'll end up paying more to have it fixed than if I were to buy a new one. And your weird sound, no sure you didn't build the house on some Indian burial ground or something? ;D

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