Sunday, December 5, 2010

This week's winner is...

Okay, we have a winner, the one and only person to guess this week.  Well, where is everyone? Maybe they couldn't get to my blog because of the Spanish air traffic controllers' strike.  Yeah, that must be it.  Anyway, our winner did make it over here, and she guessed the mystery object on the first try.  So, give it up for Jocelyn of O Mighty Crisis!  I've been reading her blog practically since I started blogging and it's one of my all time favorites.  She also has a second blog where she's sharing all the interesting adventures she's having as she spends a sabbatical year in Turkey.  That one's called Tuvalet Nerede?, which in Turkish means, "Where's the toilet?"  So, if you want to know the answer to that question and many more tidbits about life in Turkey, visit her there. And what else can I say about Jocelyn?  She is a brilliant writer, and has the most amazing perspective on life.  Words don't do her justice, at least not mine, so the best you can do is to read her blog and share her fascinating experiences.  Trust me, she'll write your socks off, and if she had half a mind to, she'd probably write the rest of your clothes off as well.  But since she's happily married, I doubt she'll be trying that, although you never know... So, go, go and read her, right this minute!

But before you do, here's my very exciting toaster:

Ooh, it's red! And it's shiny! I'll bet that impressed you. Okay, I know, it's just a toaster, but I have nothing more exciting to offer you here today. So, go visit Jocelyn. Enjoy how her words wrap around your mind and tickle it with their sublimity.

'Nuff said.


  1. such a sleek and snazzy toaster it is! gees, my life has been so out of control that you have 15 posts up since i last was able to get over here.....sorry!