Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Mapping the what?

This is is going be a kind of odd post. Odd on the one hand because I am odd, but mostly because it's not about any one thing in particular, just my train of thought this morning which just happens to be stopping in random stations....whether or not there are people waiting to get on board. It's probably going to whiz past a few others that do have people waiting, without even showing signs of slowing, or maybe even speeding up. Why? Just because I can. This is after all, my train.

So, if you're waiting in the station and the train doesn't stop, get a running start and hop on. Otherwise you'll be missing out on all the other fun stops.

First, my mind drifts to politics. Not that I like politics. Politics usually bores me to no end. Unless it's election time and I get to laugh at anti-bullfighting parties or pot parties and their fun campaigns. But yesterday I just happened to watch the debates about the budget proposal for the next year. Now you might think that would be boring as hell. But it was actually a lot like watching kangaroos box.

Elena Salgado vs. Mariano Rajoy

I'm not really sure who won, but they sure did beat the hell out of each other. And why kangaroos? Because they are cute, and really funny when they box...and because this is my train and I want some kangaroos on it. Anyway, I was watching the political sparring and all I could think about was how this year the Ministry of Equality spent 26,000 euros on a study to map....get this...the clitoris!

Spain is different.

26,000 euros on mapping the clitoris? WTF?! There is a crisis people. There are people living in the streets, the unemployment rate is around 20%, and the Spanish government is worried about what? Mapping the clitoris! Of course that makes perfect sense...once that's been done, people will be too busy, um exploring, to worry about their precarious situations."It's not on Google Maps either..." "Are you sure it's spelled 'clitoris'?"

Okay, I know 26,000 euros is just a tiny drop in the bucket of debt that we have over here, and I'm sure some good will come out of this study. But in the meantime, the government is busy cutting back on education, health care, pensions and public servants' salaries. Seriously? And come to think of it, do we really need a whole Ministry dedicated to equality? We do have a long road ahead if we need a Ministry to tell us men and women are equal. Hey, don't get me wrong. I'm all for equality. (Not that I think men and women are the same, they have their differences...and it's a good thing too. Life would be pretty boring otherwise.)

But 113 million euros to keep the Ministry running...seems like kind of a lot just to tell us that we're equal. That, and map the clitoris of course. Where's that DIY spirit that's so much in fashion in these times of crisis? Come on everybody, map your own...besides unexplored territory can be quite exciting.

As you can see, my faith in polititians is lacking...and that goes for all of them, not just the ones in power at the moment. Finding worthy people to run the government may be even harder than achieving equality between men and women. Wait a minute, what am I saying? I know that will be even harder.

Maybe we need a Ministry for that.

The Ministry of Good Politicians. Or maybe we should just go with the Ministry of Not-So-Terribly-Bad Politicians. We might be a bit more successful that way...just maybe.

Okay, done with politics. Now my thoughts have turned! Kind of a contradiction, isn't it? Here I am criticizing the government for spending money and then I go on about spending it myself. But it's not the fun shopping I'm talking about. No, it's grocery shopping.

Today is Wednesday (now aren't I clever?). Wednesday is shopping day.

No, this isn't some obsessive-compulsive need for order or anything. I could go shopping any day of the week, and, if it were up to me, I wouldn't go shopping today. But, our store has a system. A very very cunning one. They give you a card. And if you use it on a designated day of the week, you get a discount. Not that same day of course. It's a discount for the next time you shop there. Shop any other day, no discount.

And we love the discount!

Never mind that that card has our name on it, and that every last item we buy gets registered into the store's computer, and that they even know when we will be shopping. Because who in their right mind would give up a discount for shopping anonymity? Frankly, I'm surprised that an electronic voice doesn't greet me by name when I enter the store...and while it's at it, remind me to stock up on the Tampax....because, it knows everything.

Right down to that.

And with that thought I'll leave you, as I am lured into total electronic control in exchange for a few measly euros. Yes master, I will shop master....

Why is it that I'm feeling a bit like Pavlov's dog? Discount! Drool!


  1. 1) That one 'roo totally looks like Mariano, right down to the facial hair.

    2) Speaking of down under (you could've used that!), the ins-and-outs of the female anatomy puzzles both sexes, I think.

    3) My wife shudders with anger every time Bibi Whatsherface, the Equality Minister, is on TV. On the one hand, equality is important, and Spain is far from treating both sexes equally. But on the other hand, you're right; we should probably be fixing bigger problems first.

  2. Only you, my friend, could write a blog post that includes kangaroos AND the clitoris. My hat is off to you! And extra, EXTRA points for working loyalty cards in there as well. :)

  3. Es verdad, da vergüenza, como se gastan el dinero de todos los españoles y todo aquel que trabaje en este país.
    Y sabes que dan donaciones fabulosas a los gays y lesbianas de zimbawe?
    Yo flipo con esta gente.
    A mi no me gusta los toros y la verdad estoy en contra de las corridas, pero acá sólo es una excusa para discutir y buscar una separación.
    Da pena como acá en España cada uno va por su lado, en vez de unirse, ya la gente ni quiere hablar español, imagínate, y gente que no quiere decir que es española, si no de su respectiva provincia.
    Situaciones así y otras fueron las que antecedieron a la guerra civil, y ese tema es otro que lo quieren mantener vivo como sea. Todo es política, todo, y quieras o no, nos interesa, porque de eso depende el futuro de este país, de quienes lo gobiernen y cómo.

  4. Erik:
    1. Lol! You are right about that resemblance, but I swear I didn't pick the picture for that reason.

    2. "Down under" why didn't I think of that? I'm going to have to send you a preview of my posts, so you can give me ideas on how to make them better...and, yes, the female anatomy is an amazing and far from understood thing, and merits much exploration ;)

    3. I think the government needs to get it's priorities straight. And maybe in the end they will, although I don't have too much faith in it. But I did see yesterday, soon after doing this post that they finally did eliminate the Ministry of Equality. Could that be a first step in the right direction?

    Bud: I guess it is an interesting combination, but my mind works like you well know ;)

    giozi: Sí, yo alucino también con algunas de las cosas que hacen los políticos, y digo que me aburre la política mas que nada porque estoy harta de oír como se descalifican unos a otros, pero nunca dicen como se podría hacer mejor las cosas. Yo no puedo votar aquí,y aunque pudiera, no sé a quien votaría, porque todos me parecen igual de lamentables. No es esto esté limitado a España, creo que pasa en muchos países. Pero tienes razón, es importante, y nos concierne a todos los que vivimos aquí. A mi me preocupa el futuro que les espera a mis niñas en este país, por que tal y como van las cosas, pinta bastante negro. Por otra parte, soy optimista y siempre pienso que en algún momento las cosas tendrán que mejorar.

  5. I noticed about the Equality Ministry nixing. I assumed it was BECAUSE of this post.

  6. Erik: Shhh. I don't want anybody to know I have a direct connection... ;)