Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Life's Little Presents

You know how sometimes when you least expect it, life hands you a present. Okay, I know life can be a bitch, and there's always lots of boring routine things to do. But sometimes something special happens, and that makes up for all the other stuff. Good lord, I'm think I'm starting to get philosophical here...bad...bad girl...no philosophizing allowed on this blog. Anyway, I've received an unexpected surprise (no Mem, it's not another kid or anything remotely like that, so you can stop getting excited), just a little fun, and that's all I'll say for now. I don't want to jinx it by blogging about it just yet, and, after all, I am a big blog tease and love to keep people guessing.
I got another little surprise from my new-found Swedish blogging buddy, Fancy. She's seen fit to honor me with this award...
So, I guess I'm supposed to mix a drink for 10 other bloggers (probably to get them drunk enough to actually participate in this meme). Okay, Fancy's given me lemonade laced with tequila, which should do wonders to loosen me up for my step class (hope I don't break my neck), and I in turn will make sangria for my nominees...okay, I know that doesn't really have lemonade in it, but it does have wedges of lemon in it. So here's an Ole vuestros huevos blogs ! (sorry slip of the tongue there) to:
Dorky Dad (for giving us our daily dorkiness)
Seraphine (for showing us the comic side of life)
Lime (because a slice of lime goes nicely with sangria)
Good old Grundir (because who could resist?)
Jocelyn (for making us laugh, cry and telling some highly entertaining yarns)
VE (I said VE, not VD...and his ever fantastic nonsense?)
Guy watching from the clouds (No, not God, Jeff...thanks for sharing the hair)
Zoned out girl (to see if we can get her blogging again)
Correr Es Mi Destino (for sharing Canada with us)
The only blogger I have actually met in person (because he's going to be a dad...Erik I promise to send you something better than this award when the baby is born).
So, what's this award for? Well, I think it was ssssssomething about, um, what wsa ti agnn....ooh, teh tqilla is goooood. Sanksss guyssss...for uh, teh drinks, um no, I mean da bloogs, blugs, hey, yeh, thasss it, bugs. Free tequila here and here.


  1. Awesome! I may need to find a designated blogger to help me get home from this party!

    Thanks... you rock!

  2. i'm ssshhho glad lime goesh with ssshangria. i looooove ssshhhangria....urp.


    *staggers off

  3. Too bad, here I was already getting all excited!!!!!!!So what can it be then?? You made me wonder now.

  4. I'm a margarita woman but I can always use lemonade. Muchas gracias!

  5. *ROFL*
    Great I did not think of sachgngria bu...t I am the queen of the dacsing floor...shhhhh... In Sweden we say "Skål"

  6. Awwww...thank your for correcting people about VD vs VE (see how I got three V acronyms in a row there?) and for that there award. I have a special sub-basement level to put it in too. Can I get an umbrella in my drink by-the-way?

  7. I just puked in your bushes.

    That's my way of saying, "THHHHaannkkksssss."

  8. mem: I just made a new friend and we're having a great time. I'll tell you all about it one of these days.

    everybody else: Cheers! Bottoms up. :)