Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Never Enough Words

Mi cerebro esta un poco cansado de tanto trabajar...oops, my brain's still in Spanish after writing a super-short story for Fnac's Concurso de Microrrelatos (and my spell-checker is going haywire with this post). 150 words is really not enough, but I'll do write almost anything to win a trip for two to the European city of my choice.
Well, I'm finished with that and looking forward to a four-day weekend. Tomorrow is Labor Day in Spain and since it falls on Thursday, we'll be having a "bridge". That's what any Spaniard who can manage it does when a holiday falls on Tuesday or Thursday; they take the extra day to complete the weekend. And since I'm working on that citizenship thing, I'm honoring that tradition, never mind that I don't actually work (outside the home, inside's another matter). Besides, the kids have off, so I don't really have a choice do I?
Anyway, it's about time I took care of some unfinished business. Brent from The Ominous Comma tagged me awhile back for the Six Word Memoir meme. Looks like this meme is spreading faster than rumors of Britney Spears running around a spa with nothing but a towel on.
Sum up my life or my blog in six words? That is disturbingly short, especially for a word-lover like me. Even the Fnac people gave me 150 words for my story, and let me tell you, it ain't easy being that brief. But brief I will be:
Rules. Gotta have those, otherwise people would do what they damn please, and we can't have that now, can we?
1. Write your own six word memoir.
2. Post it on your blog and include a visual illustration if you’d like.
3. Link to the person who tagged you in your post.
4. Tag five more blogs with links.
5. And don’t forget to leave a comment on the tagged blogs with an invitation to play!
And here they are, the six words you've all been waiting for after all this other gobbledygook:
Improvising. Things always fall into place
There are lots of other things I could say, but that would take much more than six words, and this pretty much sums it up. This blog (and most everything else I do) is improvised. And it usually works. I worry. Can't help it. But stuff usually works out pretty well. Why, I don't know, but I'll keep my fingers crossed and keep on making stuff up as I go.
I'm tagging:
Diesel (even though he hasn't been over here in a long time, but I must see what Grundir does with this...probably something with Hobbits)
Zhu (if she hasn't caught it yet)
Johnada(because he looks like he could use a meme)
Erik (because he came up with "fork stucking" and I want to see what he does with this)
and finally Jocelyn (who has probably been tagged before, but is so brilliant that I'm sure she'll come up with something fabulous).


  1. Hola Mother Teresa (Great woman)
    This is a good chance or opportunity for those who use English as a second language to excercise and practice together with you.
    Kind regards from Brazil

  2. I think that's one of the best 6 word memoirs I've seen. Clever.

  3. Very, very clever meme.

    Me likee.

    That's not real english is it?

    Oh well. I still likee....

  4. Ah, punky. Yours is so grand. And Dorky Dad did tag me, but I've avoided it because his was so grand, too. Being limited to six words is definitely intimidating.

    I'll mull on it and see if anything strikes...

    (Diesel hasn't been to my place in eons, either. It's like real life might actually be playing a role for him or something. Weird)

  5. ...and hopefully that place is somwhere you wanted them to fall....

    Good one!

  6. Look, it's me! I'm here! I think I'm going to put Grundir on this one, but we'll see.

  7. You're right, things DO fall into place here... nicely :-)

    I could never summarize anything down to 6 words. I have way too big of a mouth.

  8. Nope, haven"t been tagged for that one yet - I'll do it!

    Funny, in French we also call long week-ends "ponts" (bridges).

  9. you make improvisation look easy and graceful!

  10. Rabbit, rabbit! Let's see that's two.

    That's an excellent summation, nicely done. Finally a meme that doesn't seem, well, stupid.

  11. HolĂ  Thersa,

    You all have a great long weekend.
    That's a very cool meme and you came through really weel.


  12. geraldo: Hi and welcome. It's always nice to meet new people from different countries. Sorry I don't know any Portuguese, but feel free to come visit and practice English any time. :)

    alice: Thanks. Try it, it's fun.

    jonny's mommy: If you likee, go ahead and tryee. :)

    jocelyn: I know that once you decide to do it, yours will blow all ours away.

    ve: Well, as long as they don't fall on my head I'm good. ;)

    diesel: Oh long lost blogmaster, I thought maybe you had turned into a werewolf. Glad to see you're still alive.

    jeff: Yeah, I don't know how or why it works, but I'm not asking questions just in case. Give it a try, I'm sure you can come up with something.

    zhu: Yay! Can't wait to see what you do with it. Even better than the puentes (bridges) are the acueductos, which happen when there are two holidays close together. Sure, why not take the whole week off. ;)

    lime: I wasn't completely happy with it, but with only six words that was all I could come up with. If you haven't done this one, consider yourself tagged too...if you want. No pressure, really. Well, only a little. ;)

    g: This meme was fun, but then I haven't done too many yet, so I'm still not bored with the whole thing. Why don't you play too. I'm sure yours would be brilliant.

    barbara: Thanks. Hope you have a great week (it's a little late for the weekend I guess). :)