Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Nothing of interest lies herein...(or "bad poetry for everone")

I looked into my blog today, and I realized that "nothing of interest lies therein"* I considered, for a moment, the possibility of Photoshopping my head onto Scarlett Johansson's body to see if that would attract some readers, but while that might please some of my male readers, I figured it wouldn't do much for the women. So, in the interest of equality, I decided to compose a poem. That way I'll be treating both sexes the same way...by driving off the same number of men as women, and, who knows? Maybe I'll even get a few hits from people who are Googling for "bad poetry."

If you wish for something new this week
Fellow bloggers, then lend me your ear
It is the Quill Drivers you must seek
They will entertain you, have no fear.

Eighteen words into a whole they must weave
And six brave souls fulfilled the quest.
Their identities concealed, not to deceive
But instead put the reader to the test.

Follow the route that their words lay out
Making you laugh, or perhaps cry.
They will amuse you without a doubt
Skillful words let your imagination fly.

So, off with you now to choose
Who shall win, and who shall lose.

If my pitiful little poem hasn't completely put you off your lunch, go on over to the Great Quill Driving Competition and check out this week's entries. Am I in, or am I not? That's for me to know, and you to find out. Read all the entries, then choose your favorite, and don't try to guess who wrote what.

*Anyone who can tell me where I took this line from gets extra brownie points.


  1. forget the picutres. just add the words "Scarlett Johansson naked" and "Scarlett Johansson nekkid" like that in the text and you're all set!

  2. Wouldn't mind seeing you as Scarlet,
    Though I realize you'd feel a harlot.
    I do enjoy your poetry,
    Keep it up, don't blow it, see?
    Don't know where you got that quote,
    This is the comment that I wrote.

  3. Hey that poetry wasn't all THAT bad...and you should get more, though disappointed hits for the scarlet Johansson nekkid...who is she anyway?

  4. Yeah, it wasn't that BAD. Do I have to click the link, though?

  5. That's not bad poetry!

    Bad poetry must rhyme "moon" and "June" and "love" and "dove".

    I don't know where you got the line from, but now I'm very curious. It sounds so familiar.

  6. i was tempted to google the line but that woudl be cheating, and it woudl require effort on my part. since it is 11pm i have very little effort to offer other than to say the poem was amusing and the quill drivers amaze me. if i attmpted that contest it would be utterly nonsensical drivel....like monkeys banging keyboards.

  7. Wow, when was I here last?

    Love teh new background, love your new button...nice work :)

    As for Scarlett Johansen, I know she is the hottest thing in Hollywood these days, and I just don't get it. It is not jealousy talking, there are soem extremely beuatiful women out there in Hollywood, but her? Maybe it is because I am surrounded by blonde beauties everyday, that takes the pleasure out of it.Living in Iceland does that to you!

    As for your writing, I think it is good and I know I wasn't supposed to guess...but I think you are in ;)

  8. minijonb: Great advice, that way I should increase my hits big time, but I'm afraid people would be disappointed.

    You're always ready to play the game,
    Even when it's really lame.
    Your comments are always amusing,
    And hardly ever confusing.
    To find the quote I took,
    In Baldrick's trousers you must look.

    c: Thanks, and you really don't know who Scarlett Johansson is?

    Doug: Since you are the king of rhyme, that is quite a complement. But I'm no poet, and I know it. And, no, I won't force you to click on that link, but you know you want to... ;)

    Jozet: Thanks. Okay, maybe not bad, but mediocre, yes. To find the line you have to look for a kind of black snake (before Mr. Bean there was...)

    Lime: You should try the Quill Driving, I'm sure you'd come up with something amazing. After all, you do it with your posts every day. :)

    Minka: Thanks for all the complements (blushing). I don't get the Scarlett thing either, but then again I'm not a guy, and I think you have to be a guy to fully appreciate whatever it is she's got. So, do Icelandic men go for dark-haired beauties? Over here blonds are big, but in Holland it seems that brunettes have a lot of success. I guess whatever is exotic is what's hot.

  9. scarlett has nothing
    that you don't dear
    so forget photoshop
    and look in a mirror

    aw, i can't think...i'll stop right there.

    thanks a bazillion for the pimpin'!

    doug better click on that link!