Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Happy Birthday Violeta!

Vio, you're eight now! Now you are truly a big girl. That means you can make your own bed, pick up your toys, eat all your dinner, and most of all, talk without whining (Hey, it was worth a try) .

It seems like just yesterday that you were like this:

And now you're like this:

I guess time flies when you're having fun, and I sure am having fun with you.

Violetera, this video is for you. Happy Birthday!


    You were such a beautiful baby and you are an equally beautiful child!Enjoy your special day!!!!

  2. Hi Vio,
    Happy birthday!!!! You were such a cute baby and I still remember when you were born and I got to hold you for the first time. And look at you now, what a beautiful girl! I can't wait to see you when you come to Holland. It will only be a few weeks more and then I can give you a great big hug and lots of kisses for your birthday. Ofcourse a present too. Till then, love,beppe

  3. What a sweet little girl!

    And what a sweet, loving mom!

    Happy Birthday Violetera!

  4. hapy birthday, VIO!Have a fabulous day and what a beuatiful young lady you are!

    ...I am trying to teach my four year old nephew to stop whining when he is trying to ask for something. 4 more years of that? Pulls pillow over her head!

  5. hee hee. i lovelovelove that video!

    Happy Happy Joy Joy to your wonderful and oh-so-BEAUTIFUL Violeta!!!

    sigh, they don't stay puppies long, do they? ; ) xox

  6. Heavens. I need to come squeeze the luscious owner of those fabulous eyes.

    Then I need to bring her to my house for a playdate with my daughter!

  7. "make your own bed"? "pick up your toys"? My daughter is 12 and I can't get her to do these things yet (ok, without major threats). Trade? (just kidding...happy b day).

  8. Happy birthday to you little one -- no child in Spain talks without whining...

  9. ¡Qué preciosidad! ¡Feliz Cumpleaños chiquilla! Man do they grow fast! My eldest is only 6 and I feel like I am still just getting used to being called "Mami" and there they are, getting bigger by the minute and I am still in awe!

    May she have enjoyed a beautiful day and may she have a very special year! Besos a todos...

  10. Happy Birthday to Violeta! She is muy preciosa (is that anywher near correct?)! And big score on the video - flatulance and cute animals. My kids will love it.

    Hope you all had a lovely celebration. XOX

  11. Awww. She looks adorable in both pics. Happy B-Day.

  12. Awe she is so cute. She can clean up after herself, but does she? :)

  13. Hi! Just visiting from Diesel's and G's and, well, the usual gang.

    Nice to meet you and you have a very adorable girl there! Bellisima!

    I'll have to bookmark you, if you don't mind. Your little section on Spanglish made me laugh quite a bit. I lived in Miami, FL. for many years and Spanglish is rampant down there. For example, during las navidades, you'll hear "las luces de los arboles estan blinkiando."

  14. Thanks everybody. Violeta was impressed that so many people sent her birthday wishes.

    Welcome Pavel: My kids don't even realize they speak Spanglish, they just make it up as they go along. "Las luces de los arboles estan blinkiando"...that is too funny. Before moving here we used to laugh about the ads in the newspaper that said things like, "Casa con yarda grande."